Featured Properties

Solar Powered Office Building - Pasadena

An 11,717 SF office building with roof and carport mounted solar PV system.

Industrial Condos - Temecula

A 85,571 SF 3-building flex/industrial condominium project with 29 units.

Limited-Service Hotel - Rancho Mirage

A 41,368 SF 2-story limited-service hotel with 80 rooms.

Multi-Tenant Retail Center - Highland

A 14,337 SF multi-tenant retail center.

Porsche Dealership - Beverly Hills

A 11,163 SF office building currently utilized as an auto dealership.

Medical Office Building - Irvine

A 64,352 SF medical office building with 39 units.

Office/Retail Building - Huntington Beach

A 46,867 SF 4-story multi-tenant office/retail building.

Restaurant - Palmdale

A 6,452 SF casual-dining restaurant.

Religious Facility - Yorba Linda

A church and school campus consisting of 11 buildings totaling 186,455 SF.

Medical Office Condos - Lake Elsinore

A 67,527 medical office project with 143 units.

Self Storage Facility - Highland

A 100,736 SF self storage facility with 655 storage units.

Golf Course - Rancho Cucamonga

A private equity 18-hole golf course and country club.

Solar Powered Industrial Building - Commerce

A 141,770 SF industrial building with a roof and carport mounted solar PV system.

Office/Retail Building - Brea

A 19,825 SF multi-tenant office/retail building.

Fast Food - Rancho Santa Margarita

A 2,986 SF fast-food restaurant with drive-thru.

Mixed Use Development - Hermosa Beach

A 2,390 SF mixed use office/residential development.

About Us

Syn-Mar was started in 1995, and 20 years later, we continue to set the highest standards in the appraisal industry, and are proud to have one of the best reputations within the real estate community. The Syn-Mar has a staff of seasoned and experienced appraisal professionals, and collectively, our experience well exceeds 100 years. But rather than bore you with the standard marketing "buzz" words, or immediately list the property types we are proficient in—and there are many—instead, here are some specific things that make us unique as valuation professionals.

Green Building Valuation - Syn-Mar is on the leading edge of green building and energy efficient valuation services. This entails keeping abreast of the latest standards such as LEED, Title 24, AB1103, Energy Star, Net Metering, and net-zero energy standards. We are a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and are LEED accredited. We have conducted numerous appraisals and economic analyses of solar photovoltaic (PV) energy systems, and understand the economic benefits of LEED certified properties.

Owner and Prospective Owner Representation - Syn-Mar serves existing and prospective property owners by providing third-party counseling and representation between them, their financial institutions, and the appraisers their financial institutions have retained for the property appraisal. This can include pre-financing and pre-appraisal counseling of proposed lease structures, draft lease review for value specific issues, and best value-enhancing options for property improvements, for example. We can also act as the property owner's contact person during the appraisal process, meeting the appraiser at the subject property, providing valuation-specific information and comparable data to the appraiser, responding to the appraiser's inquiries for clarification of income or expense history, for example, as well as post-appraisal review and critique.

Legal and Accounting - Syn-Mar provides estate planning and litigation support valuation services. This includes partial or fractional interest valuation of common tenancy partnerships, single-tiered, single-asset real estate holding companies, as well as multi-tiered, multi-asset partnership entities.

Lending and Finance - Of course, like many firms, Syn-Mar serves the financial community providing valuation services for acquisition and loan renewal financing, loan monitoring, and appraisal compliance reviews.